Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hey there friends.  I haven't been keeping up with posts on blogger for a while -I'm far more active on Youtube these days,trying to put out three or four videos a month. For the most part the response has been very positive.  I get a lot of comments from people who aren't guitar repair types who say it's just relaxing to watch someone fix things with care and attention.

I also put the occasional picture up on Instagram. It can be difficult to detach myself from the actual process of repair to document it. Sometimes I just want to be in the flow and not have to think about how  it will look in-camera.

Here's a headstock from the other day: 

Friday, June 15, 2018


Emily Shaw is an accomplished guitarist and luthier based in Ottawa Ontario.  We met at the Guitar Hamilton summer festival a few years ago and struck up a conversation when she saw the photo of my reproduction of the five course guitar made by Stradivari known as "the Rawlins". She'd also completed her own copy!

Recently Emily has undertaken a wonderful series of interviews with fellow luthiers on her blog and I felt very honored when she asked if I'd participate. Check it out: