Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today I completed bridges for two instruments - the current 7 course Renaissance lute and the replica Stradivari guitar. I decided not to photograph the actual carving procedure, as it simply involved using a knife to remove everything that didn't look like a bridge. The ebony and bone overlay on the Strad was a fiddly bit of business. The European pear carves so nicely, almost as if it has wax incorporated somehow in the grain. The fun part came when I drilled the string holes. I have in my possession a Black and Decker drill from the late '50's which is wonderfully precise, and has a Jacob's chuck that will hold a 3/64" bit. I weighs twice what a modern cordless does, it's geared very fast, and it emits an interesting ozone smell when used for long periods. Perfect for this job.

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